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Quality is better than quantity.
That's why we specialise in the few.

  • Legal documents concerning property, employment, administration and construction.
  • Technical documents, for example: manuals, handbooks, user guides, data sheets, specifications, training material, annual reports.
  • Business documents, for example: company brochures, product specification, contracts, agreements, customer communications and invoices.

Should you require another service or topic, please contact me and I will try my best to accommodate your request.

Marketing material, for example: copy, brochures, websites, press releases. Health and medicine, Sports and well-being, Tourism, Agriculture, Cinema, Children’s literature.

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Bella Translations provides bespoke language solutions

Helping individuals and businesses effectively cross the intercultural barrier, get communication right every time and ultimately boost international sales.

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How long does a translation take?

I can normally translate 2,000 – 3,000 words per day. This gives me the perfect time to undertake a detailed research of terminology, write a good text in the target language and meticulously proofread it. However, sometimes the text subject and complexity also impact the turnaround time.

How much will Bella Translation’s services cost?

In general, the cost of translating a text is normally calculated by the number of words in the original text. I always adapt my rates to suit each project according to the following: the subject area, the urgency required and the complexity of the text. Therefore, if we consider a specialised legal text required within 24hours will have a higher cost than a general text with no deadline. Minimum fees of £30 do apply.

Why can’t I just use Google Translate?

Google Translate and other machine translators are OK if you want to get the general gist of a text. However, when it comes to creating a professional impression, only a trained professional can do so!

Not the language combination you're looking for?

Thanks to a tight knit group of translation colleagues, Bella Translations can provide you with translations in other languages: German, Polish, Norwegian and Italian. Just ask for more info!

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Christina est une traductrice sérieuse qui sait comprendre les demandes de ses clients et répondre à leurs attentes. Elle réussit aussi à s’adapter au contexte dans lequel les documents sont demandés (marketing, promotion, communications plus officielles, etc.). De plus, elle répond avec précision aux questions qui lui sont posées et n’hésite pas à interroger le client lorsque le texte de départ est imprécis, ce qui permet de clarifier le texte traduit. En outre, elle rend les traductions dans les délais requis, ce qui est toujours très appréciable. Je recommande son travail.

Bénédicte Deweerdt Traductions

Bénédicte Deweerdt Traductions

Christina is a delight to work with. Since meeting earlier this year, we have collaborated on a number of translation projects and I have been impressed every time by the diligence, curiosity and standard of quality that Christina applies to every job. She has that rare combination of style and attention to detail, and can always spot the subtlest ways to improve texts of any kind.

Rosie Robbins – RRPR


Christina is a top professional and she has a special awareness when it comes to translating. She knows exactly how to transmit the style and emotion of all our published texts. We are delighted to work with her.

Dear Barcelona

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