Proofreading is the reading of a document to spot any errors or inconsistencies in a text before it goes to publishing. It is the finals step in quality assurance. It can be considered as a tidy-up of a text.

Concerning translations, this process ensures that the translation is correct and reads as if it had been written in that language in the first place. Furthermore, proofreading can include formatting the document so as it appears the same as the original.

Our proofreading service entails liaising with the translator, or editor of the text to discuss changes that  make it better.  The final result is a text that cannot be further improved.

Proofreading service

We include a proofreading service as standard with translations. However, it can also be requested as a standalone service, for example, if you wish to check a translation that you have had translated in the past.

We work with companies and individuals to proofread their web content, marketing material, company documents and other work-related literature that needs a final eye before publication.


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