Translation of confidential documents

Translation of confidential documents

In our hyperconnected world where companies from all corners of the globe are exchanging information on a daily basis, the Translation of confidential documents is more important than ever. While this shift welcomes plenty of opportunities, it brings the duty of ensuring that highly sensitive information is kept confidential.

Understanding the process of the translation of confidential documents

Confidentiality is a set of rules that limits access or places restrictions on the use of certain types of information. I often translate sensitive information including legal contracts, sensitive information, research and development, etc. And I understand that leaked, lost or stolen information can be costly. Therefore, I take all measures to guarantee that your information is handled with the utmost discretion.

  • I treat all information as confidential unless it is already in the public domain.
  • Confidentiality remains in place after the translation project has been completed.
  • And all documents, including digital documents, are stored in a secure location to safeguard them from theft or loss.

Specific code of standards

Plus, as a qualified member of the ITI, I am required to uphold a specific code of standards and ethics which includes maintaining complete confidentiality at all times and treating any information I come across as privileged information that must not be shared with any third party without prior written authorisation.

Furthermore, to guarantee peace of mind, I am happy to put a binding non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

One final note on Google Translate

Although Google Translate (and other automatic translation tools) may provide a quick fix when it comes to translation, when it comes to the Translation of confidential documents, it poses ethical questions. By entering any information into these tools, the user is freely providing their content to Google and any third parties Google may work with. It is crucial to remember this when it comes to sensitive and private information.

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Translation of confidential documents
Translation of confidential documents

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