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Quality Translation: what is it?
On the surface, it can appear that a quality translation is simply a translated text that is free from errors in grammar, syntax and spelling. However, clients must remember a number of perhaps obvious and not-so-obvious factors when seeking a quality translation.


–         Does the translation accurately convey the meaning of the source text?
–         Has the context been understood?
–         Have cultural sensitivities and taboos been considered?
–         Has an appropriate tone and register been used?


–         Has the client briefed the translator in full?
–         Does the translator fully understand the purpose of the text?
–         Is the text part of a larger body of communication? And if so, has the client given the translator reference material for consistency?
–         Is the writing style in line with the company’s other communications?
–         Is the translator a specialist in the domain?
–         Does the translator’s work meet the client’s expectations? If not, why not?
–         The public places great emphasis on good foreign language proficiency. But it often takes for granted mastery of the mother tongue; an essential skill in the production of excellent texts.

Knowledge is power. Give your translator as much information about your company, its aims, the topic and purpose of the translation. All too often a translator is expected to work in isolation. However, an open line between the translator and the client’s communication department helps to produce a quality translation.

Ultimately, however, perhaps, the question we should be asking is  not ‘is this a quality translation?’ but rather ‘is this an effective piece of communication?’.

We must go beyond communications that are fit for purpose to create an effective and successful text that meets all the company’s communication objectives.
If you have any questions about quality translation, then please do not hesitate to contact me.
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Stamp of approval for a quality translation
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