Certified Translation: Using a Qualified Professional Registered with an Official Body

Certified Translation

 Certified translation: “No one benefits from translations carried out by a next door neighbour who has an A-level in French(Raisa McNab, the CEO of the Association of Translation Companies)

You may be surprised to hear that the United Kingdom does not have its own formal certified translation system in place unlike other countries. Let’s take Spain as an example: an official translator in Spain must sit exams set by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and once they have passed them they obtain ‘sworn status’. They are then added to a list of accredited translators who can produce official translations for use in Spain.

Certified Translation in the UK

The situation in the UK is unregulated, however, official organisations frequently stipulate that a “certified translation” should be done by a member of a professional translation body such as the ITI. Therfore, you need to enlist the services of a certified translator. One place you can find one is on the Institute of Translation and Interpreting’s Find a Professional web page.

So why use a qualified professional who is registered with an official body?

Clients are recommended to use qualified members of professional bodies for their certified translations. While it is not an absolute guarantee of quality, it gives clients confidence in the work of their certified translator. Certified translators have undergone a stringent examination process and are held to high standards by the associations of which they are members.

You can reduce the risk around mistakes and omissions by using a certified translator. Official translations are often difficult and throw up very specific terms requiring time-consuming research. And translators tend to be highly competent researchers.

Personal touch

Most importantly, another colleague recently highlighted the care and person touch that goes into the whole certified translation package. I love meeting the mother who needs her baby’s birth certificate translated and then delivering it to her. Certified translators fulfill a vital service without which official procedures and administrative paperwork cannot go ahead.

Join me next week for more information on how a certified translation is different to a standard translation.

See my certified translator’s profile here: Christina Allen – certified translator

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