Certified Translation Process at Bella Translations

Certified Translation Process at Bella Translations

The Certified Translation Process at Bella Translations is straightforward. Please send me a clear scanned copy of your document for translation to info@bellatranslations.com. If you do not have a scanner, please use a mobile cam scam app (I reccommend CamScanner) to create PDF scans of your documents and make sure they are clear and no information is cut off. If mobile scanning is not an option for you, I can scan them for you at my office.


I will then translate your document, creating a version that respects the font, font size, format and shapes on your original document. This may seem very straightforward, but quite often documents present almost illegible handwriting which requires some deciphering. It’s not uncommon that replicating the format of the original can take longer than actually writing the translation!


As soon as I have completed a draft version of the translation, I will send it to you to read and approve. Then I will print the final version, stamp, date and sign it. My certified translations are accompanied by a certificate of translation showing my credentials and contact details. I add my ITI red seal to all my translations proving my membership to the ITI as registered, qualified professional translator.


The lead time depends on the length and complexity of the translation. I will provide you with an estimated lead time when you place your order. When it comes to delivery, I will send you scanned copies of your documents. I will also send the paper copies to your address or if you are local, you can arrange to pick them up in my office in Newry.


If you have any questions about the certified translation process at Bella Translations, please contact me at info@bellatranslations.com or see my FAQ page (coming soon)

Red ITI Seal for proving translator's credentials
Red ITI seal

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