4 Reasons Why English Translation Services Are Still Essential Today

According to Babbel.com, English is the third most widely spoken native language after Chinese and Spanish.  If we consider those who speak it as a second language, then it’s the most common language in the globe. With such widespread use these days, you may question whether English translation services are still necessary.

So why are English translation services so important? These 4 reasons explain why professional translation services continue to be relevant for businesses, in spite of the rapid surge in English language speakers.

Not Everyone Speaks English

Although English is the most widely spoken native language there are still millions of people in the world who don’t speak it.  Many may know a few words but that won’t be enough to get a business deal through, make a presentation or connect with an English speaker.  Smooth and effective communications are reliant on a strong command of the language. Professional translators and interpreters can make this process run more smoothly.

Most People Prefer Communicating in Their Native Language

As Nelson Mandela once said:

“If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.”

Using a professional translation service is advisable as people almost always respond better to their native language. Think about it, you click on a product you love, and it takes you to the company homepage but it’s in French, a language you perhaps use occasionally and not fluently while on holidays.  Will you feel comfortable about handing your money over? Can you even navigate the website properly? As a consumer, wouldn’t you feel so much more at ease if you were browsing that site in your native language? And with many sales being emotionally led decisions (think gifts), effective translation is tantamount to a positive customer experience and increasing sales.

English is the International Language of Business

 International business just can’t work without the English language, meaning that translation and interpreting services are still the basis for successful international communications.  After all, if you can’t communicate effectively there’s no factory tour, no marketing literature, no negotiations and ultimately no overseas business. On an island such as Ireland, exporting our products and services is key to growth and positioning the company in the international limelight.  To do this, translation services are key. With Brexit on the horizon, who know how the panorama could change. However, a shift in the need for translation services in improbable.

Information Propagation

 Aside from in business, translation services are crucial to facilitate the spread of ideas and information across cultures. Where would we be without being able to translate and understand information about scientific discoveries? A mere translation of a scientific paper can have a hugely positive impact on a whole population for years. What about critically acclaimed movies? It would be impossible to understand their plots and intricacies without subtitling or dubbing, which are also forms of translation. Add to those examples, all the daily appliances we use that are manufactured abroad. Would you be getting the most out of your newest gadget if you didn’t have clear instructions in your language?

To conclude, the need for professional English translation services isn’t going to disappear anytime soon.  If you are in business and need help to communicate effectively to a potential customer, supplier or another party, Bella Translations can provide a wide range of professional translation services for business and marketing projects including:

  • Document translation services
  • Legal translation services
  • Online translation services
  • Website translation services
  • Medical translation services
  • Technical translation services
  • Financial translation services

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