A professional translator: why hire one?

Planning on taking your products abroad? A professional translator will play a key part in your venture. Hire a professional translator…

5 reasons to hire a professional translator

A professional translator plays a key role in any firm wishing to do business abroad. Companies often think that translation is a simple job. One that a friend or employee who knows a second language can do. But that is not the case: speaking another language doth not a professional translator make.
In truth, translation apps can be a lifesaver on holiday, for understanding menus or organising a trip. However, it’s a different story when it comes to important documents. Ones where precision and a good impression are paramount. Confidential, highly technical or creative documents require a sound understanding of the source language and topic in question. Not to mention the nuances involved. These are assets only a professional translator can provide.
The consequences of not using a professional translator can be far-reaching and detrimental to your brand. We’ve all heard the horror stories of using Google Translate to translate important documents. Remember the case of the infamous HSBC slogan? A mistranslation of “Assume nothing”  resulted in “Do nothing”. A real affront to the carefully crafted catchphrase.


professional translator
“Assume nothing” was mistranslated as “Do nothing”
Firstly, a professional translator is equipped with the tools and knowledge to help you create a good impression in your new market. With thorough experience, education and training, they know how to get your message on point and communicate it effectively.  Plus, you can expect them to provide the highest levels of professional excellence and polished translations. They deliver work on time, every time.

Cultural awareness

Secondly, professional translators are perfectly adept in both the language and culture of a country, A skill that is absolutely crucial to prevent costly mistakes. They have a sound understanding of local legislation, rules and regulations. In addition, professional translators will be aware of the customs and expectations of the target audience.
Moreover, they know how to avoid cultural faux pas. For example, a thumbs-up in Europe indicates approval. However, in Greece it is considered the equivalent to the middle finger in the UK and US. A professional translator has the expertise and awareness to avoid these blunders.


Be careful in Greece!

Specific subject knowledge and where to find it

Thirdly, many professional translators are specialists in a topic or industry. Therefore, they have the added advantage of being fluent in the terminology commonly used in that field. Due to the nature of the job, professional translators go to great lengths to research terms and work hard to find le mot juste. This is a real asset for a client.


Fourthly, a professional translator will guarantee that your texts have consistent terminology. They use translation software to compile term banks, ensuring words are always translated consistently.


Finally, as excellent writers, professional translators are sure to dot the i’s and cross the t’s in your texts Professionals master correct grammar, spelling and punctuation. They understand the tone, style and purpose of the text. And they guarantee your read texts well.


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